Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Team Olimpiade Biologi Kota Banjar


Promoting Indonesian world-class biologist.


Educating Indonesia human resources, particularly in field of Biology


Promoting Indonesian students for International Biology Olympiad
Participating in environmental conservation
Encouraging public awareness on environment
The company is incorporated under laws of foundation (registered to Department of Justice and human rights)


  1. Training centre for Biology
  2. Information centre dan development for Biology
  3. Social empowerment
  4. Annual calender:
    • IBO selection at district level. The organizer is Dept. of National Education at district level. Question is made by TOBI, while the correction is handle by those at district level.
    • IBO selection at province level. The organizer is Dept. of National Education at province level. Questions and corrections is handle by TOBI
    • National Biology Olympiad (NBO). Four best students from NBO will be selected and trained for 2 week in July before participating for the upcoming IBO.
  5. TOBI has published third edition of IBO guide and material book.
  6. TOBI has published two editions of Book: IBO, problems and solutions

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